One Holiday Behind Us

I was to send out a belated Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans.  I wish I could have stopped by Thursday, but I’ve been so busy over the last few days I’ve hardly had any pc time.  We had a great Thanksgiving with family and friends, and now I’m ready to sleep for a week.  I ate way too much food which left me wondering does nutrisystem really work because after the holidays are over I may need it!

Normally I would burn off a good number of those calories the next day hitting up Black Friday sales, but this year it wasn’t possible.  Actually I enjoyed not having to stand in line and battle crowds to do my shopping.  I did shop, but with very limited Christmas funds there was no use to even drive to the store.  Instead I took advantage of some of the online shopping deals to pick up some presents for the little one.  I saved a bit of cash to hopefully finish my shopping for her on Cyber Monday as I’ve seen a couple things that will be on sale that I want to get for her.  I hate that she won’t be getting much for Christmas this year, and with a tight budget I’m trying to make every single penny count.  I did pick up some nice deals on Amazon, and I’m impatiently awaiting their arrival. 

I’m so excited over wrapping Christmas presents for Ellie even though she won’t see them until Christmas morning.  Then again I’m so excited over everything this year because last year she was only 2 months old and too small to know what was going on.  This year she’ll hopefully be ripping into presents and having herself a good ‘ole time.  I can’t wait to revisit my own childhood through her eyes.  The memories are already pouring in as I’m watching her explore all my Christmas decorations, picking up certain pieces, and oohing over them as she tries to figure out what it is.

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