Hanging The Lights

When it comes to the holidays Christmas is definitely my favorite.  I love everything about Christmas, but most of all I love the decorations.  Hubby and I started putting our Christmas lights up tonight.  Most years we just hang the basic icicle lights, but this year we’re doing things differently.  Last year I lucked up after Christmas and found a bunch of the large colored bulbs on sale for $1 a box.  I’m talking about the kind I remember from my childhood, the big bulbs that look like they stepped out of a A Charlie Brown Christmas.  I absolutely love that style of bulb, but I haven’t been able to find them in years until I lucked up on these.

Hubby set out hanging them this afternoon while I did some housework, and then I joined him when my chores were done.  We got the front half of the house lit before we stopped to watch the Clemson vs South Carolina rivalry game.  Now I wish we’d just kept going with the lights because the game was a big waste of time.  My Tigers are looking absolutely horrible this year, and I partly blame that on our quarterback who seems to have stopped caring about how he played once the checks started rolling around from his multi-million dollar baseball contract.  Go figure.  I admit my head wouldn’t be in the game if I started receiving checks like that from a team I wasn’t even playing with yet, too.

The rest of our boys have been all over the place, and half of them look like they need to be on some muscle building supplements because they seem so tiny. I'm hoping we'll see better results next year, but tonight's game was heartbreaking. I would have much rather spent my time decorating the rest of the house and enjoying the time I was spending with Hubby because watching the game put us both in a bad mood.

We’re going to finish hanging the lights on the house tomorrow, though.  Then I have to go through all my old lights and see what I have to go on the bushes by our driveway.  I’m hoping I have enough to decorate those because I can’t afford to buy any extra lights this year.  I don’t normally decorate the bushes, but Hubby wants to go all out for the little one.  Her face light up tonight when she saw the ones hanging on the porch, and that caused him to want to light up everything in sight!  Haha I hate to tell him that’s not possible, though.  I definitely can’t afford the power bill if we do that!  Luckily stringing a few lights around the house doesn’t normally push our power bill up, so that I can handle.

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