Searching Like Crazy

I know I’ve been quiet around here this week, and I’m sorry for that.  I’ve spent most of my free time job hunting right along with Hubby.  One of us has to find something soon because I’m running out of yard sale stuff.  At least my house is looking a lot nicer because it’s not cluttered with all this extra junk we don’t need.  I need to drag myself out of bed at a decent hour in the morning to try to sell again, but that’s easier said than done.  I’ve been running on fumes the last couple of days, and all I want to do is sleep in one morning.  I seriously doubt the baby will let me do that, though, and I’m not going to ask Hubby to get up with her when he’s been getting up around 5:30 every morning this week.

At least his job hunting is going in a good direction.  He did get some news about the out of town job.  There’s good and bad news, but at least he knows the company will definitely hire him.  It’s just a wait and see game now because he can’t start until the next big job starts, and there’s a bunch of red tape holding that up.  He talked to another guy today, though, who’s putting together a crew to build a new pump station in town.  There’s a one year contract on the job, so he’s guaranteed a full year of work.  The only downside is he doesn’t know how much it pays yet as they can’t discuss pay until his info is ran through eVerify.  I have a really good feeling about this one, and even more so since he actually does verify your information.  Even though South Carolina requires that all businesses verify everyone they hire to prevent hiring undocumented workers there are so many construction companies, especially in this area, who’d rather break the law and hire illegals to work under the table. 

It’s not hard to spot which companies do this.  All you have to do is ride by one of the many gas stations were illegals stand in line waiting for work trucks to pull in looking for a few extra hands to work as cheap labor.  Even though it’s so easy to spot which ones do it, no one is cracking down on them.  Now a days most of these construction companies don’t even bother hiding their identity.  You’ll see trucks out there picking up illegals with company logos plastered on the side.

I didn’t mean to turn this into a rant about illegals.  Seriously, I have absolutely no problem with anyone who is here working legally, but I do have a problem when so many people can’t find jobs because so many companies are breaking the law to save a few dollars. 

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