At What Age Are Mp3 Players Appropriate?

I have a question for you parents out there who have children around the age of seven.  My friend’s son has a birthday coming up, and he’s asked for one specific gift.  He wants an Mp3 player, but more specifically he’s asked for an ipod nano. My friend asked me if I thought it was appropriate to get him this gift at this age, or if I thought she should wait a bit longer. Other kids his age have iPods and Mp3 players, so of course he thinks it's something he wants.

I thought I would turn to my blog for opinions from other parents since it will be a few more years before I’m dealing with a child this age.  Personally I don’t think I would want to give a seven year old an iPod because I think it’s a gift that’s just too expensive for a child this age.  Most seven year olds I know are rough on their toys, and there’s a good possibility of him damaging it or breaking it completely beyond use.  I did suggest that if she wants to give him an Mp3 player she might consider a cheaper one for now that’s easier to replace if he breaks it.  That’s up to her, though. 

I think she also has to consider what she’s going to do every time he wants new songs added to it.  Can you expect a seven year old to learn to do this himself, or will he constantly be begging Mom to get him new music?  She monitors the music he listens to, so of course Mom would be buying the mp3s he’s allowed to have. 

So, what are your thoughts on this? 

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