Baby Gifts For The First Birthday

With the baby’s birthday right around the corner (a little over a week away) I’ve been trying to decide what to get her.  I’m so clueless as to what I should get her because I know she’ll be getting a ton of presents from our family and friends.  I also know most of them will be toys, so I’m going to shy away from that department.
I had planned to get her a potty since we plan to try to potty train early (my mom potty trained me at 11 months), but my aunt informed me that’s what she got her.  Then Hubby and I decided we’d just get her new car seat since she’ll be moving to a bigger one in another 2lbs, but my Dad told me tonight that he bought the one we were wanting for her.  I’m very thankful for our family members are being so generous, but I’m totally clueless as what to get her now.
I’m actually surprised at how generous everyone has been.  My Grandparents actually wanted to buy her a wooden swing set a few months ago, but I convinced them that there was no need right now. Not only was she not big enough to really enjoy it yet, but summer was already almost over. Hubby had planned to build her one next summer, and I don't want to take that away from him either.  I know my Grandparents love her to death, but I don’t want them buying such expensive gifts for her anyway.  I’ve never been one to want expensive gifts, and I don’t expect them to buy those things for her either.  The hardest part is explaining that to them without hurting their feelings, but that’s something new I’m having to deal with, too.
Maybe a little part of me is afraid if they keep lavishing her with expensive gifts she’ll grow up expecting to get stuff like that, and I don’t want that to happen. 

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