Birthday Wishes Do Come True

I think my own birthday wish is coming true a little early this year.  Hubby’s boss called him this morning to let him know he has lined up a few little jobs for them and a major one that will be starting in a few weeks.  That’s great news, but it’s not what I’m talking about. 

While Hubby was on the phone with him his boss told him he’s been cleaning out the building they use to store all the leftovers from jobs and special order stuff that can’t be returned.  Most of the stuff sits there for months and even years just in case they may find a use for it on another job site, but a lot of it just collects dust until they finally dispose of it.  When it’s time to make room in the building for new stuff the boss lets his employees take home anything they can use.  Well, Hubby told his boss awhile back that I was wanting to redo the backsplash in our kitchen as my birthday present, but we probably wouldn’t be able to do it this year because the tile I want is just too expensive.  I would love to use a glass mosaic tile, but it's well out of our price range.  We were planning to budget it in until Hubby got laid off, and now it’s just impossible for us to come up with the money to do that.

When the boss called he said he found 6 boxes of tile in the storage building, and we can have it if we want it. It’s a slate looking tile that came off a job Hubby did last year, and he remembered exactly what it looked like.  It’s not glass, but Hubby things it will look great in our kitchen especially since we’ve been planning to go with slate look ceramic tiles on the kitchen floor.  Hubby is going to pick it up today, and I may just get my birthday wish after all!

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