Thrift Store Bag Sales

I didn’t get a chance to go look for the door hardware I’m wanting today, but I did get a chance to do a little shopping.  My dad took us to lunch, and while he was making a payment on his rv insurance I took the baby next door to the thrift store.

The store was having a fill-a-bag-for-$2 sale, so I totally filled one up.  The bags were paper grocery bags, and you can fit a lot of stuff in them.  I picked out some winter clothes for Ellie since she doesn’t have much cold weather stuff for this year yet.  I also picked up two of the Graduates Lil’ Trainers that suction cup to the table.  I’ve been looking for them everywhere, and it seems like every store that carries them is sold out every time I go on my hunt.  I’ve read mixed reviews on these plates, so picking them up in my $2 bag was worth giving them a try.  I need something that will suction cup to the table.  If these don’t work I’ll try the Munchkin bowls

I also picked up 3 shirts for me, and a pair of shoes.  Plus there were a few other little odds and ends I found like a baby photo frame that was just adorable, and 3 books.  My bag was close to exploding, but I successfully made it to the car with the baby and bag in tow, and neither were harmed in the process.  I’d say it was a good shopping excursion!

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