Cleansing And Organizing

My mother-in-law gave me a few pieces of furniture that she’s no longer using, and I need to get some stuff moved around to make room for them.  I wouldn’t take them if I didn’t desperately need more storage in this house.  It would also help if I got rid of a bunch of stuff, and I’m thinking that’s what I’m going to have to do.  Actually that would solve part of both problems.  I’d have more room for the furniture and less stuff that needs storing. 

Tomorrow I’m going to try to sort through some of the boxes of stuff I set aside to possibly get rid of.  We’re having a yard sale at the end of the month, but I’m sure there’s a good bit of stuff I can send to Goodwill now.  I think when Hubby and I head out tomorrow evening to buy new door hardware for the bathroom cabinets I'll have to search for one of those foldable clothing racks as well. If I can find one of those I can start tagging, sorting, and hanging up some of these clothes I have to get rid of. Then I can easily look through the rack to see what I want to send to Goodwill and what I want to sell. I think I get overwhelmed by all the clothes when I see them piled up around me. Putting them on a rack will sort of organize them enough to sort.

Yep, that’s my plan for this weekend.  Get rid of some stuff, get my new furniture moved in, and begin my sorting and tagging for the yard sale.  Tonight, I just need sleep, though.  I’m just too tired to mess with any of it.

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