Leaving The Evidence Behind

It’s always interesting to see what I’m going to find on my laptop after Hubby has been using it.  He often leaves tabs open, shutting the laptop and forgetting to close them.  It’s not like he’s got anything to hide from me unless he’s buying me a gift, so he doesn’t take the time to close out what he’s been looking at.  Although most of the time he’ll leave something like Funny or Die open, there was the one time that leaving sites open got him in trouble. 

I love framing posters and using them for wall art because posters are definitely much cheaper than buying other forms of artwork.  For my birthday last year Hubby ordered a few posters, but he used my desktop computer and forgot to close the window out before heading to work.  On top of that he used my Paypal debit card instead of our bank card to place the order thinking he would get cash back on his order.  He did get cash back, but he also left all the evidence of my gift in plain site for me to discover!  Since he left the order confirmation page up I was able to use the order number to discover exactly what he had ordered for me.  I knew it would crush him if I let him know I had discovered my gift, so I never mentioned it to him.

Luckily he hasn’t done anything like that since.  Tonight he left open a tab where he was looking at Cafepress funny shirts, but I don’t think those would be a gift item for me so he’s safe.  He loves wearing shirts with funny sayings on them, so I can only assume he was either looking at them to purchase for himself, or he could have been leaving me a hint as to what to buy him for our upcoming anniversary!

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