Freaking Out A Bit

Hubby came home with some news today that has me freaking out a little bit.  Because he works construction his pay schedule is based on the current job.  A few months back he was switched from weekly pay to bi-weekly, and that totally screwed with my budget because I couldn’t pay things on the weeks I’d planned.  Waiting until the next payday put a lot of things behind.  I was so happy when Hubby went back on a weekly pay schedule last month, but today Hubby came home with the news that he’s going back on bi-weekly pay.

That has me a little worried because we’re already having a tight week, and I was really counting on that paycheck this Friday.  We have a couple bills that are due between Saturday and Monday, and his paycheck on Friday was going to be just what we needed to cover them.  Now those bills will have to be late as we wait for his next paycheck which means more late fees.  Late fees aren’t a good thing especially when you’re already on a tight budget.

What has me freaking out even more is I realized today how short my timeline is for buying everything for Ellie’s birthday.  Her party is less than 2 months away, and I’ve hardly done anything about it.  I found a location for it today, but I haven’t put down my deposit yet.  If I don’t do that soon we’ll lose the location.  I’d love to have the party here for free, but we just don’t have a big enough house to hold everyone, and no one else is willing to offer their house to us for the party.  I don’t blame them, though.  There will be plenty of toddlers and babies around to get into everything.

On top of that we’ve got Halloween a week after her birthday, and then the next 2 weeks contain 75% of the birthdays in our family.  Then I will have right at a month to do my Christmas shopping.  This time of the year definitely puts a big hole in our family wallet, but this year we’re probably not going to have much in that wallet to begin with. 

I’m not too worried about Ellie’s Halloween costume because I’ll be making it.  She’s going to be a ladybug, so it won’t be very hard to make at all.  I almost splurged on a $50 ladybug tutu, and I’m so glad I didn’t.  That was before I found out how simple and cheap it is to make a tutu, and it requires no sewing at all!  For someone like me that’s the perfect project.  I’ll have fun with it and save myself a good chunk of change at the same time.  After pricing everything I need for her outfit I’ll be saving myself about $35!

I’m thankful I’ve already picked up a few Christmas gifts, and if it comes down to it I can always move some of those gifts up to be birthday presents instead.  Like I bought my sis-in-law some ipod accessories a few months back when I found them on sale, and I might end up giving them to her for her birthday instead.  If I have to I’ll resort to my good ‘ole tried and true homemade gifts for Christmas. 

Things definitely won’t be as bad as I feel like they’ll be, but I think I deserve to freak out about it every now and then.  At least blogging about it relieves a little bit of my stress.

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