So Indecisive

I swear my Hubby is so indecisive.  He is the one who suggested I make Ellie’s costume because he doesn’t think we can afford to buy her one.  He is the one who wanted her to be a ladybug for Halloween and wouldn’t have it any other way.  He is the one who walked down the Halloween costume isle at the store tonight and decided she absolutely positively must have the baby Tinkerbell outfit he found, and he’s not taking no for an answer.  Now I have to add a $25 Halloween costume to our already tight budget.

Sigh.  Then again I should know how he is.  Monday we will be celebrating our seventh wedding anniversary, so I’m no stranger to his ways.  I think from now on he should do the shopping for the stuff he wants.  Better yet, he should do the research, too.  Those colon cleanse reviews he wanted me to read for him to decide which product I think is best? Yep, he can read those himself if he wants to buy one of them. I'm tired of doing all the research, picking out what I think he'll want, and buying it only to find out it's the total opposite of what he was thinking!

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