A Reminder About Comments


Lately I have had a problem with a couple of individuals trying anonymously leave nasty comments on some of my blog posts. These individuals have read my posts relating to my struggle to lose weight after having my baby, and the comments they have left are not just rude, but down right offensive.  So what if I choose to talk about how I’ve thought about finding a fast way to lose belly fat? That is my decision.

Because of this I want to go over a few things about my comment policy.  You will find my comment policy above the comment section.  My rules are not strict, and I welcome comments.  There are only a few types of comments that I don’t approve.

I will not approve your comment if:

  • The comment is anonymous.  There are plenty of other ways to leave a comment.  You may do so with your Google username, Open ID, or by filling in a name and url.
  • The comment is harassing, threatening, offensive, racist, or spam.

I reserve the right to approve or deny any comment based on my own discretion.  When you leave a comment on any of my blog posts you are agreeing to let me use any or all part of your comment in a future blog post.

If you feel that you cannot follow these simple commenting rules please refrain from leaving a comment on my blog.  Otherwise I hope you will join in the discussion!

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