Out Of Work Again

Well it’s official.  It couldn’t have come at a worse time, but Hubby is officially laid off again.  This time it’s almost indefinitely as the boss has no work lined up until January.  I say almost indefinitely because as we’ve learned from the last year his boss has been telling them they 100% for sure have work on a certain date, then something happens and the work goes poof.

Yeah, needless to say I’m seriously tired of his boss.  Hubby has worked at this job for 6 years, and it was great until a year ago.  Of course everything was great until the economy went south.  We’re both currently searching for jobs.  As much as I hate to go back to work (and hate even more the thought of putting Ellie in daycare) we’re both going to have to look until one or both of us find something.

I’m going to continue my work from home stuff, but I’m going Monday to apply for a couple customer service jobs I found, and I'm sending my resume to a ton of listings I found looking for freelance bloggers. Cross your fingers I pick up some more work, or we're going to be in serious trouble if Hubby can't find something. His unemployment doesn't even cover our car insurance.

He's waiting on my brother-in-law to bring him an application for the company he works with since they're hiring. I'm hoping and praying he gets that job. The money is absolutely awesome, but the downside is he will be working out of town 2 weeks at a time. It’s a change I wasn’t wanting, but it’s something we’ll deal with if we have to, at least until he can find a better job around here or we can pay some of our debt off so we can afford for him to take a pay cut. 

The other downside is that it’s a job in concrete.  Hubby absolutely hates concrete and wants to stick with carpentry, but no one is hiring in the area where he works.  He could definitely find a carpentry job down here, but the pay rate here is half of what he makes in NC.  Needless to say if he did get one of the jobs here we’d be still be hurting even if I did find another job as well.

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