Little Sick One

I had big plans for tonight.  I got some laundry started, loaded the dishwasher, cleaned the bathroom, and decided I wanted to get some reviews cranked out of some products I have piled up to share with you guys.  I got myself ready for bed first thinking I’d take my laptop into the bedroom and chill out with the product reviews until I was tired enough to sleep.

It just wasn’t to be, though.  I barely had time to wash my face and apply my face cream before the baby woke up. I heard her through the monitor, and it wasn't a normal cry. She didn't sound right at all. I walked into the nursery to find her sitting in her crib in a pile of vomit. My poor little baby is seriously sick tonight, and this is a new one on me. She's been sick before, but never like this. She threw up quite a bit over the next hour, and she's never been one to throw up much.

I rocked her, cuddled her, cleaned her up after her next puking fit, and repeated the cycle. After an hour she drifted back to sleep, but I doubt it will last long. Hubby put her on his chest and laid down on the couch with her. We both have a feeling we're going to have a long night ahead, so he told me to lay down for a bit while he stays with her. It's hard to walk away from my baby when she's sick, but I know it's probably best that I do lay down and get some rest right now. If she wakes up again sick Hubby and I can switch, and he can get some sleep.

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