Lesson Learned

Today I learned a very important lesson about ordering baby clothing online.  ALWAYS double check the measurements to make sure they will fit the size range that is indicated.  I ordered Ellie a few breast cancer awareness shirts last week, and because I wanted them to fit her for longer than a couple weeks I ordered them in an 18 month, 1 size bigger than what she wears now.  To my surprise the shirts arrived today 4 days earlier than the tracking was showing, but there was a huge problem.  I mean literally a huge problem because the shirts are humongous!  I checked the tags to make sure they are 18 month onesies, and both are.  Then I checked the measurements on the website only to discover their 18 month measurements match around the 24 month mark in all her other clothes.

At least I know I won’t be making that same mistake when I order some nfl t shirts for my father-in-law's birthday. I know to get him an XL if I'm afraid an L might be cut a little small.  At least I can use the excuse that as a new mother I don’t always understand why infant clothes can vary so much among one size group.  Then again look at how different all babies are.  Ellie is small for her age, but sometimes a 2T shirt will be snug on her while other times she can still wear a 3-6 month outfit.

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