Ever Used Penaten Baby Cream?

When I had my little one I never imagined all the products I would try to keep her safe, clean, healthy, and happy.  I'm also a little surprised at how many products I've used that don't work as well as I thought they would, namely name brand products that I've heard other parents rave about for years.

The latest example of this can be found among the many bottles of diaper rash creams we've purchased.  During my childless years I considered Desitin to be the go to diaper rash treatment.  I seemed to find a tube in the diaper bag of every baby I've ever babysat, so I was pretty surprised when the little one came along, and I found Desitin to be the one cream I refuse to use on my baby's bottom.  While we were still in the hospital the pediatrician informed us Desitin has a habit of making rashes worse instead of healing them.  After talking to a few friends with babies they all said their doctor's said the same thing or they switched to another cream after seeing this first hand.  I decided right then and there I wouldn't use Desitin.

Although Elliana hasn't had to deal with much diaper rash, we have had the occasional patch pop up.  There was the one time when she had a nasty rash pop up after using the new version of Pamper's Swaddlers, and she's had a few little patches since.  We haven't had to deal with another bad rash until last week.  We've been using Boudreaux's Butt Paste , and I do love it, but this time it just wasn't getting the job done.  Ellie's rash started out pretty small, but within a couple days it erupted into a very painful rash all over her bottom.  The Butt Paste wasn't helping at all.  We switched to A&D, but that didn't help either.  After a week her rash was still horrible. 

I turned to a friend for help because her daughter suffers from horrible diaper rash on a regular basis.  She sent me home with something I had never even heard of, Penaten Baby Cream
.  I slathered it on Ellie as soon as we got home, and within a couple hours her rash was looking much better.  Two days later the rash is almost completely cleared up!  I have to say I'm now totally sold on Penaten creme, and I ordered a tin of it tonight. 

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CTC said...

My family has used Penaten Creme for 45 years, since a family friend from Germany recommended it to my mother for my little brother.

I have just ordered a couple of more tins for my third grandchild. We find that very few rashes or irritations survive much more that 24 hours on this stuff and most minor diaper irritations clear up markedly with the first application.