I have a whole lot of stuff to do today including a couple of reviews. I'm just having a very hard time getting myself motivated to do it all. This dreary weather outside really isn't helping at all, and I have to drag myself out in it at some point to take care of my Grandparent's pets while they're on vacation. I spent all last week caring for my Dad's farm while he was gone, and now my Grandparent's are gone for about 3 days. I guess I've become the go to pet sitter in my family!

At least I don't have much to worry about with my Grandparent's pets. They only have 3 cats to feed, and then I need to throw some food into their fish. They have a beautiful little pond in the backyard complete with some of the prettiest pond plants I've ever seen. If I remember to take my camera with me (and if the rain holds off) I may just have to take a few photos.

For now I'm off to get my work done. Hopefully I'll be back with a review or two later in the day.

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