Searching For Vitamins For Hubby

If anyone has any suggestions on good multivitamins for men please pass those suggestions my way. I'm going to have to get Hubby started on a vitamin, preferably something formulated for joint health as well...if they even make those. Hubby hasn't taken a multivitamin in years, but I think it's about time he starts again. He's been complaining a lot lately about how tired he feels even on the days he doesn't work, and quite a few times lately he's asked me to stock up on extra bananas because he's having leg cramps. He's having joint pain as well, so I'm hoping adding some supplements to his diet will help him. Of course I plan to get him into the doctor for a checkup soon, too, but adding some vitamins to his diet can't hurt. I just don't know much about vitamins formulated for men, and Hubby won't ever buy any on his own.

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