Forgot To Eat Again

After posting my review of the Buitoni dinner I happened to remember that I didn't eat dinner tonight.  I can totally give up my search for diets that work if I keep forgetting to eat dinner as I'll be withering away to nothing. I did cook dinner, so don't worry Hubby didn't starve.

I followed the Creamy Penne Pasta and Chicken recipe from Simply Daily Recipes although I did leave the onions out.  Even if I puree the onions picky anti-onion Hubby still knows they are there and refuses to eat it. The fact that I have to strain all store bought soups and sauces that contain onions is a story for another day.

It's not like I purposely didn't eat dinner either.  I sat down to eat with Hubby and the little one.  I even had my place setting ready to go, but apparently I got lost in feeding the baby.  I cut up some noodles for her to finger feed herself while I gave her a mixture of mixed grain cereal and squash, but I must have been too preoccupied to remember to feed myself.  That's my motherhood brain fog kicking in thanks to my lack of sleep.  As I was cleaning her up after dinner the dryer buzzed, so I moved from baby feeding to laundry to giving the baby a bath.  Hubby cleaned up dinner, and I guess I just never remembered to return to the table to eat. 

No wonder I'm feeling so hungry now.  I know I really shouldn't be eating after midnight if I want to lose weight, but this milk making machine needs some fuel.  Besides it's not like I'll be going to bed anytime soon.  I still have more laundry to do and a ton of work to process before I head to bed.  By the time I'm ready for bed the little one will be waking up again. 

That reminds me it's time for me to do some research on how to wean her from needing those middle of the night breastfeeding sessions, too.  I feel like I'm going to be breastfeeding in the middle of the night forever!

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