A Shopping Mad House

This morning my mother-in-law accompanied me to Elliana's 9 month wellness exam, and since neither of us really had plans for the rest of the day we decided to do some shopping.  I didn't really have any cash to spend or need anything, so it was more like Ellie and I were tagging along just to have something to do. 

Boy did we pick the wrong day to go shopping for no reason.  There were so many people out it was almost like we'd fallen into the middle of a Black Friday sale. I know a lot of it has to do with the Christmas in July sales a lot of stores are running, and then there are the parents out there doing their back to school shopping. I just wasn't expecting to find so many shopping in the middle of a weekday. Normally the stores are dead around here during that time.

All this reminded me of one important thing, though. If things were that crazy today I'm definitely avoiding the stores next weekend as it is tax free weekend here, and shoppers will be pouring into the stores in droves to buy those things that are tax free.

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