VTech’s Baby’s Learning Laptop

Vtech - Baby's Learning LaptopOne word describes it all for me.


That is exactly what I’ve experienced since purchasing the Vtech - Baby's Learning Laptop for little miss Elliana.  She absolutely loves this toy, and I do, too.  She has taken a large interest in Mommy’s netbook, so I knew I had to get her something similar to play with while I worked.  It’s become almost impossible to get any work done online while she’s awake because as soon as she spots my netbook that’s the only thing she’s interested in.  If she’s in her walker, she’ll run as fast as her little legs will let her to me, and she throws her arms up to be picked up.  If she can get to my netbook she’s banging on the keys, slobbering on the screen, and trying to bite it.  She did manage to leave a couple teeth marks on it when I headed to the bathroom and accidentally left it within her reach.

So yes, Mommy decided it was time for baby to have a laptop of her own.  I chose the Vtech - Baby's Learning Laptop because it was the only one in stock at the local store where I shopped.  I had thought about ordering the pink one online, but I didn’t want to have to wait for it.  Plus having the primary colors version means I can pass it on to my nephew when Ellie outgrows it.

This toy is intended for children 6-36 months.  There are no small parts that can break off and become a choking hazard.  Amazon has the “choking hazard not for children under 3” warning on their website, but I’m not sure why.  This is not listed on the pink version, and VTECH clearly has this toy labeled as 6=36 months on their website and packaging.

The buttons are big, and they are perfect for little fingers to push.  The “screen” lights up each time a button is pushed, and there’s even a little mouse that also lights up the screen when pushed.  There are three play modes to choose from, music, common objects, and shapes.  The mouse teaches up and down direction by saying the words when the mouse is pushed in the right direction.  It can also be pushed left and right, but sounds are made instead of the words.  There is a carry handle that makes the laptop very easy for me to carry with us when we’re going elsewhere, and Ellie has been playing with it in the car as well.  I think it’ll be a great feature when she’s bigger and can carry it around herself.

Overall this was a great buy for $16.00.  Elliana has loved playing with it since the minute she got it, and I see plenty more play ahead.  She’s actually using it right now, and we’ve turned her walker into her “desk”.  She’s intently concentrating on pushing buttons and “surfing” on her little laptop just like Mommy.

Ellie's Laptop

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