Shopping For Two

I set out on a journey Friday night to find two things I felt I really needed in my life. Someone at our family cookout mentioned I was starting to show some wrinkles particularly around my mouth and eyes. This person said "you realize you'll be 30 in 1 1/2 years! It's time to start taking care of yourself!".

Of course I felt like slapping this person. I was sitting there in no makeup and whatever clean clothes I could find after dealing with a cranky teething baby all day. I was lucky I even made it to my Grandma's birthday cookout, and the fact that I was wearing clothes should have been enough. Of course, someone in my family always has to say something to try to make me feel like crap, and it worked. I went home and started examining myself in the mirror, and within an hour I was at the store looking at wrinkle creams. I didn't buy any, though. I decided I was getting worked up over nothing, and I shouldn't let someone make me feel like crap just because they felt the need to make a comment about a few lines.

Instead I ended up spending some cash on something for the baby. I bought her a new toy, and I knew as soon as I returned home I'd feel even better when I gave it to her and saw her face light up. That's exactly what happened. I've been looking for a baby laptop for Elliana. She's taken a big interest in my netbook, and it's made it very hard for me to get any work done while she's awake. She's constantly scooting herself over and banging on the keyboard. There are even a couple of teeth marks on the bottom right corner now after she discovered it looked fun to chew on while Mommy was in the bathroom. I grabbed the only baby computer that was in the store hoping she'd like it, and she absolutely loves it. She's played with it more than anything else in the last few days, so there will definitely be a review to follow.

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