A New Sisterly Bond

I really had a lot planned to do this evening, but I didn’t get any of it done.  I ended up spending most of the evening at the hospital and my adorable new nephew who was born today.  I officially became a real aunt with his birth.  I’ve been dubbed an honorary aunt a few times over, but it feels good to finally be an official one, too.

I find it quite funny that even while being doped up on pain meds from the c-section my sister was already talking about losing her baby weight.  She joked that as soon as she gets up out of that bed she’s ready to start the best ab workout she can find. Of course she knows she can't do any exercise until she's cleared for it at her 6 week checkup.

As for the little guy he's too freakin' cute. Being at the hospital today brought back a flood of memories from 7 months ago when I was the one laid up in that bed with a new tiny little baby in the bassinet beside me. I was seriously sick from the magnesium pumped into me for 3 days, and I was extremely tired from losing more blood than usual. I barely remember anything from the first couple of days after I had Elliana, but I was surprised to find some memories pop up while I was there that I haven't had before. I remembered Hubby sitting in the chair next to my bed rocking Elliana back and forth while I drifted in and out of a doped up exhausted sleep. I remembered Hubby sitting there looking at her with tears running down his cheeks. I figure I haven't remembered this stuff because those few days are blurry from all of the meds and problems I had, but they came flooding back when I saw that tiny little thing in that bassinet. I was put back into the only situation that would probably trigger those memories.

I really enjoyed spending that time with my sister tonight. We've had a strained relationship over the years, but we were able to sit there and bond over something new. We've both entered motherhood 7 months apart, and this could definitely be something that pulls us closer together. We want our children to grow up close as they are the only two in our family, and I have a feeling we'll grow closer as well as we share in this experience.

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