Just Not Possible

Hubby has a dream, but it’s a dream that I don’t see coming true anytime soon.  He really wants to be able to buy a house by the end of the year, but I just don’t see it happening.  I’ve been doing plenty of research into what’s available in our area, and to get something we can afford we’d basically have to buy something that’s either not big enough for us or a major fixer upper.  I don’t mind a fixer upper since I am married to a carpenter, but he’s also a carpenter that doesn’t want to bring his work home with him.  If it took me 6 years to get him to hang a shelf for me how long will it take him to fix up a house?

Besides that he’s not taking into consideration exactly how much it will cost us to buy a house right now.  We’re lucky our situation allows us to live in a house my Grandparents own rent free.  He’s got to consider the price of homes in our area, mortgage insurance rates, closing costs, and all that. There's no way we'll have enough cash saved up by the end of the year to pay out of pocket closing costs. I hate having to burst his bubble, but this is one time I think I'll definitely have to. It's just not feasible right now. I've done all the figuring I can do, and there's no way I can make it affordable to us on our budget at this time.  Now I just have to gear myself up to break the news to him when he gets home from work today.

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