Is Affiliate Marketing Worth It?

Tonight I had a conversation with another blogger I know about the income I make from my blogs.  I don’t keep it a secret that I do make money from some of the things I do on my blogs whether it be keywords, paid links, paid reviews, banners, etc.  I totally agree with full disclosure, and none of my readers have expressed a problem with this either.  I feel like my blogs are my own, and therefore they are mine to do as I please.  I also feel that anyone should have the right to make money if the opportunity presents itself via their blog.

With that said the one avenue I really haven’t pursued in depth is affiliate marketing.  I’ve talked to many people who are tried and true believers that affiliate marketing is the sure fire way to earn an income online.  Others have told me that it’s a waste of time because you’ll spend way too much time pursuing something that will never pay out.  This is why I really haven’t taken the time to get into affiliate marketing.  This other blogger was asking me if I had any tips about the best affiliate program to join.  I was honest with her, and I told her I really couldn’t give her any info because I don’t get into that kind of thing.  The only affiliate programs I use are ones that I know I’ll receive a return on because they don’t take much effort at all to make a sale.  I pointed her in the direction of a few other bloggers I know who do use affiliate marketing.

With all that said I do have a question for my readers and other bloggers who drop by.  Do you use affiliate marketing, and if so which programs have given you the highest return?  I’ve added a poll for you to answer in my sidebar, and feel free to share your results with a comment.

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