& The Kolcraft Tot Rider 2 Walker

Normally I’m not a big fan of, and that’s because there have been quite a few times I’ve had shipping issues with the site.  I learned it was easier to get rid of blackheads than to purchase an item from and receive it when I was supposed to without any issues. I also don’t agree with some of Walmart’s practices, but sometimes I have no choice but to shop there as we don’t have many other options in our area.

I’ve been trying to find the Kolcraft Tot Rider 2 Walker for Elliana as it seems to be the only one she actually fits in. She’s got the fact that she’s a preemie working against her, and she’s unfortunately got two parents with short legs even though Daddy is 6’1”.  She was doomed to have short legs, and she’s in the 5th percentile for height.  I’ve tried her out in various walkers that our friends have, and my grandparents purchased her one, but she can’t touch the ground in any of them even on the lowest setting. 

By chance we just happened to discover that she fits perfectly in the Kolcraft Tot Rider 2 Walker.  Our best friends purchased one for their son, and while we were visiting them one day I needed to put her down for a minute, but I didn’t want to put her in the floor where the older kids could knock her over.  I sat her down in the walker, and within a few minutes she was making her way around the room.  I instantly made up my mind that I’d purchase that exact same walker for her as I know she has no problems using it.  That was a month ago, and she’s steadily made her way around their house each time we visit even though she still can’t reach the floor in any of the others we’ve tried.

Since I had a Walmart gift card I needed to use I decided to go ahead and purchase it from (it wasn’t available in any local stores).  I was weary when I purchased the walker because of my past experiences with, but I went ahead with the purchase anyway on May 25 at 9:45pm hoping it would show up in a timely manner without any issues.  I paid for the regular .97 shipping because I didn’t want to risk paying for 2-3 day shipping only to not have the item arrive in time.  I was given an estimated delivery date of June 1st to June 4th with the .97 shipping.  Last night at 10:09pm I received the shipping confirmation email with my tracking number.  Much to my surprise the walker showed up on my front porch this morning, May 27!  Not only did I receive my purchase in 2 days instead of the estimated 5-9 business days, but I saved $14 in shipping charges!

As far as the walker goes, Elliana is already loving it.  I made the right choice when I decided to purchase this particular one, and my little munchkin has been walking around exploring the house on her own all night.  It only took me about 10 minutes to snap the thing together, no tools required, and the instructions were super easy to follow.  The toys are a big hit, and we aren’t have any problems with her moving about.  She took off the minute I put her in it, and she’s even moving across our floor rugs with ease.  She loves the thing so much she cried every time I tried to take her out of it to feed her, change her diaper, and finally when it was time to put her to bed.  I’m hoping this walker will make my life a lot easier now that she’s hit the separation anxiety phase.  She’ll be able to follow me around as I move about the house instead of crying every time I must put her down and walk away to do dishes, laundry, cook, or whatever it may be!

I definitely recommend the Kolcraft Tot Rider 2 especially if you have a munchkin with short little legs like mine.  The 3 adjustable height settings seem to be set lower than any of the other adjustable walkers we’ve tried.  It’s a very sturdy walker, much sturdier than her other walker, the Safety 1st Sounds and Lights Activity Walker, and at $26.50 the price really can’t be beat. 

As for they did redeem themselves this time, but I still don’t see me ordering very much from them in the future unless it’s something that I really can’t find anywhere else for such a low price.

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