Turning To Celebrity Hairstyles For Ideas

As a new mother there was one lesson I learned very quickly. Taking care of myself is no longer a priority. Yep there have been days when I have to stop and think about the last time I had a shower. My makeup has been pushed aside taking up space in a drawer that is only opened once in a blue moon, and my hair...well...let's just say it's seen better days. In fact my hair has spent so much time in a ponytail that I was surprised to find a darker color "hair crown" around the top of my head when I finally got a chance to straighten it and wear it down a few days ago. This is definitely the distinct line of a pony tail, the area where my hair hasn't seen the sun in months while the rest of my hair has!

So that leads me to my newest hunt. It's time to find a hairstyle that I can be happy with, and it's got to be something that I have time to take care of. I'm also looking for something that little fingers won't keep pulling on constantly. Ellie's new favorite game is see how many times I can yank Mommy's hair before it hurts!

When I start my hairstyle search I always turn to the celebrities. Celebrity Hairstyles are abundant, so it's not hard to find something that I'll like. Sure I know my hair will never look as beautiful as the celebrities in the photos, but I can get an idea of what I like. I do find myself still leaning towards the longer wavy and curly hairstyles, but I know those days are over for awhile unless I want to Ellie to continue pulling my hair every chance she gets. Looking at celebrity hairstyles also shows me that I can still have a Mommy do in a current fashionable way. Celebrity moms are everywhere these days, and there are plenty of hairstyles to go with them. I just need to find a few that I like and choose which one will work best for me.

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