Stop The Spam

I know I’ve talked a lot about dieting and diet supplements a lot lately, and that’s probably why I’m being attacked by spam messages today for every kind of diet pill on the market.  All you spammers listen up.  If I’m going to buy liporexall it's not going to be from a spam link you left in a comment that you know I'm not going to publish.

My comment policy is simple.  This is MY blog, so I reserve the right to delete or publish any comment that is left.  Spam comments will not be publish…period.  Yet a spam war was unleashed on me today, and I ended up having to delete 83 spam messages from ONE company.

The way I see it, if you want your link published so badly it’s very easy to do.  You only have to contact me to find out how to properly advertise your links.  My contact info is located at the top of my sidebar.

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