Passing Around A Bug

This is one time I don’t need to spend hours researching quick weight loss tips because my body is doing just fine losing weight on it's own this week. Of course it's all because I've been sick. There's a nasty bug going around, and it's had me doing everything from puking to hacking up my lungs. At first I thought I was battling my typical seasonal allergies while picking up a stomach bug at the same time, but now just about everyone in our family has had the same thing over the last few days.

Thankfully the baby didn’t get it, and I do credit breastfeeding for that.  She’s been a little stuffy even after taking her Zyrtec, but she’s avoided the stomach issues everyone else seems to be battling.  I didn’t get so lucky.  Now I’m battling the stomach stuff along with chest congestion that makes me sound horrible. 

We had a whole weekend planned out with friends, but I canceled our plans last night in the hopes that we can keep them from picking up this nasty bug.  Boy am I glad I did because Hubby woke up this morning complaining with stomach cramps.  I guess it’s time to go Lysol the house in the hopes that we can keep this thing from passing back and forth over and over again.

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