Walking Weather

I am absolutely loving this weather even if it is tearing up my sinuses.  The last few days have been so beautiful, and with a nasty day nowhere in sight I’ve totally been enjoying it.  Over the winter I was going to my aunt’s house and using her treadmill once or twice a week while she got some time to play with the baby, but the last few days have been so nice I've been taking the baby out for a good long walk everyday.

I’m sure I haven’t lost a ton of weight walking outside for one week, but it definitely makes me feel better about myself.  I do feel like my jeans aren’t quite so snug anymore, and I know if this weather keeps up I can keep melting away the fat a little bit at a time.  I just need to get a better stroller to do it with.  We opted not to purchase a full size stroller since we knew it’d be months before we got to take the baby out for walks, so now that it’s nice and pretty we’ve been using her Umbrella stroller.  The only problem with it is it’s so short.  Even little ‘ole 5’2” me has problems with it, and my arms hurts tremendously after pushing her up and down my Grandparent’s long and hilly driveway.  I think we’d do a lot better if we had a real stroller.

Luckily the Upstate Kids Consignment Sale in our area is coming in just a couple weeks (April 16-18), so I’m not going to run out to buy a brand new stroller.  Why should I when I’ll have plenty of used ones to choose from for a lot less cash out of my pocket?

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