BabyGanics Review

I have to tell you how much I’m totally in love with the BabyGanics line of products.  I’ve been searching for the perfect non toxic cleaning line to use with the baby in the house, and this stuff is exactly what I was looking for!

BabyGanics is a naturally non-toxic household line made out of plant based cleaning agents.  It even says right on the bottle that it won’t hurt your kids and/or pets if they accidentally drink the stuff.  That’s my kind of cleaner.  The The line was created by 2 fathers who wanted something that’s not only safe for the planet but for their little ones as well. 

I spotted the BabyGanics products at Walmart about a month ago.  They were sitting on the end of one of the baby isles, and caught my attention.  I admit at first I was skeptical.  Most “green” products I’ve tried either don’t work well at all or really aren’t as green as I thought they were.  Time and time again I found myself checking out the products as we shopped in the baby section.  On one such occasion Hubby finally told me to stop staring at the stuff and just buy some already.  It wouldn’t hurt to give it a try, and $5 wouldn’t be much of a waste if we hated it.

I started with the Stain Stain Go Away Laundry Stain Remover, and I was totally in awe after the first use.  It pulled out poop stains that had been left behind after a previous wash with Oxyclean and Spray and Wash Dual Power.  It worked so well I decided to use it on Hubby’s work clothes that I’d given up on.  His work clothes tend to be stained so bad nothing will remove it, but Stain Stain Go Away pulled almost all of those stains out.  Some of them had been on his work jeans for years!

After having so much success with the stain remover I decided to move onto The Grime Fighter otherwise known as the all purpose cleaner.  Yep, I love it just as much.  I chose the fragrance free version, and not only did it clean everything to a sparkle, but I didn’t have to contend with that nasty chemical smell that causes most cleaners to leave my head feeling like I’ve been hit by a freight train.

I had thought about buying the Scrub A Tub tub and tile cleaner next, but I think I’ll hold off on that.  The Grime Fighter cleaned my tub and tile just fine.  I do, however, want to try the Floors To Adore floor cleaner that can be used on the linoleum we have now and the hardwoods when we get them installed. 

If you’ve been interested in checking out the BabyGanics line now is a great time.  Walmart is selling bottles with Buy 1 Get 1 free coupons attached, and other stores like are also running discounts.  Go ahead and give it a try.  I have a feeling you’ll love the BabyGanics line just as much as I do!

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