Not Quite A Lady

I just finished cleaning out my spam folder in my email account.  I trashed a ton of junk trying to sell the fake prescription pills and male enhancement pills, and now I’m getting a new one.  Over the last couple of days I’ve been flooded with emails trying to sell me a testosterone booster.

Now I know I’m not the girliest woman out there, but I don’t think I need to boost my testosterone levels.  My mom would probably tell you she’d give me a few extra doses of estrogen if she thought it’d make me act more like a lady.  My version of “lady” and hers are totally different.  So what if I don’t like pink and I hate wearing dresses on most occasions?  I do tend to have a potty mouth when I’m mad, but I try to reserve it for special occasions only!  I don’t think I have to dress how she wants or act like a southern bell, but that’s what she’d prefer.

The way I see it if she didn’t want me growing up to be the person I am today she shouldn’t have let me run around acting like a Tomboy all those years, right?  I climbed trees, ripped my pants on barbed wire fences, and scuffled with the boys, and she allowed every minute of it.

Personally I love the person I am, and I’m not changing myself just to make one person happy.

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