I Am A Good Mother

I’m so behind on everything it’s so not funny.  I have some reviews I wanted to get out over the weekend, but we’ve been running nonstop.  Our best friends had a birthday party yesterday for their son.  It was his first birthday, so we weren’t missing that.  The party was at 4pm, so I thought we’d hang out a couple hours and be back home in time for me to spend Saturday night getting some work done.  Boy was I wrong.  We ended up staying there until I finally drug Hubby out the door at 10pm.

I honestly didn’t mind hanging out over there so long, though.  Elliana is getting big enough to get down in the floor and play with their son, and she loves him to death.  He’ll kiss her on top of the head, and she’ll grab him trying to kiss him back.  He shares his toys with her, and shows her which ones he thinks she should play with.  It’s too adorable.

I got to see hubby’s bf’s Mom, too, and I haven’t seen her since I had Elliana.  She’s an awesome woman, and I love spending time with her.  She’s also the yard sale queen.  Seriously this woman yard sale shops every single weekend rain, shine, cold…it doesn’t matter.  She’s also great at it, and she used to show up with garbage bags of clothes, name brand with tags still on them for us that she picked up for less than $5 a bag.

She’s never seen Ellie, so she spent a majority of the birthday party toting her around, and asking me what in the world I’m feeding this child because she’s gotten so big so fast.  She joked that I must be substituting her milk for human growth hormone.

She also started praising me on all the things she thinks Ellie is doing “early” like sitting up and scooting herself across the floor.  I don’t ever consider that she’s doing it early because she’s 6 months old, and I know plenty of 6 month old babies who are sitting up and crawling.  Then she reminded me that Ellie should be a month behind if not more in her development…something I tend to forget.  It does make me feel good when I think of it that way, and I admit I wore an invisible proud parent badge on my shoulder for the rest of the evening.   was starting to feel like I was a bad mother because my daughter doesn’t want to take naps, wants to wake up every hour at night, and wants to cry because we can’t constantly hold her.  It felt good to have someone reassuring me that I was doing a great job and praising me for being a good mother.

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