Say No To Parent’s Choice Diapers

When I thought finding cheap term life insurance was going to be the hardest part of my night...I was wrong!

So last night we ran out of the last of the Pampers Swaddlers we had in size 1, and I didn’t feel like making a late night trip out to the store.  We did have 2 packs of “back up diapers” in size 1 that I received in my baby shower.  One pack is a pack of Parent’s Choice Walmart brand, and the other pack is the Family Dollar brand.  We figured we’d use those to get us through the night at least until we could get to the store today.  If we liked them we’d just use them.

I opened the Walmart diapers last night, and I HATE them.  If you’re considering saving money by using the Parent’s Choice diapers reconsider.  You can find other diapers that are great for a cheap price that work so much better.  We prefer Luvs actually.  Not only are they cheap, but they’re the only diapers Elliana hasn’t leaked out of.  Plus she has absolutely no problem moving around in them.  I’m just not buying anymore until I move her up to size 2. 

Anywho, the Parent’s Choice diapers were horrible for a few reasons.  First of all they’re super stiff.  I noticed she couldn’t really move her little legs while she’s wearing one of these diapers because the stiffness restricted her.  Also, as soon as she peed the diaper became hard as a rock in the front!  The absorbency was great, but the material immediately stiffened when it got wet.  I will not have my child sitting in a diaper that is rock hard and constricting.  Also the tabs weren’t very long or stretchy, and I had a hard time getting the diaper to even stay closed.  My daughter isn’t a big baby, and at 11lb 8oz she’s well under the 14lb limit on these diapers, yet we hard a hard time pulling the tabs over far enough to secure the diaper.

I have yet to try the Family Dollar diapers because I did find a few Little Ones diapers.  I actually liked the Little Ones which are Kmart brand.  Honestly they were the exact same as Luvs except they had a little less stretch to them at the top of the diaper.  They also have smaller tabs than the Luvs.  I didn’t mind that, but Hubby didn’t like it, so we threw the few extra Little Ones we had in a bag to pass along to my sister when her baby arrives.  Thank goodness I still had those, because I was not going to put her in another one of those Parent’s Choice diapers.

We’ve also learned the Parent’s Choice and Fred’s diapers are very similar to each other.  I will continue to use Pampers and Huggies in sizes that I already have thanks to my baby shower, but when I purchase my own diapers I will be sticking with Luvs and Little Ones. 

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