Going For A Walk

I had another talk with Hubby last night about my concerns about his health, and I got him to agree to try to do something about it.  We’re going to start a new routine today that involves going for a walk around the local elementary school’s walking track since the weather is so nice.  It’s supposed to be 62 today, so I can even take the baby with us.  I’ll put her in her Snugli carrier, and that will give me a little extra weight to carry around.  Maybe that will help me drop a few of these “baby pounds” faster, too. 

We’re not looking for a quick weight loss, but anything either of us lose will help. I want Hubby to do it the slow and healthy way, but we've got to get some of his weight off. It's all concentrated around his stomach, and that's the worst kind. Now I just have to work on getting him to exercise regularly while he continues to eat right.

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