Done For The Day

It feels so good to be home finally. Most of the day was spent doing nothing but running around from place to place. Hubby and I tried to go out to dinner to kind of chill out since Elliana was in a really good mood, but that didn't happen either. By the time we got a chance to go eat it was 7:15pm. We pulled up to the restaurant we had chosen and found out they close at 7pm on Friday nights. WTF!? Seriously, 7pm is still in the middle of dinner rush around here, especially on a Friday night in a college town!

We were both tired (and Hubby had a pulled muscle), so we decided to just order food from Monk's and eat it at Hubby's parents' house before we headed home. While we ate Elliana was extremely interested in my food, so that tells me she's definitely ready to start cereal soon. I'm going to wait until she goes in for her wellness check next Friday, and I'll discuss it with the pediatrician before I start giving it to her, though.

Now she's sitting in her boppy on the couch with Hubby while I get some work done and work on my sister's baby shower plans. I saw some cute communion invitations at, and then I found out they have some seriously cute baby shower invitations, too. I may just have to order my sister's invitations from them because I absolutely love this one. She's doing her nursery in John Deere since she's having a boy (and she's a freak about John Deere), so I may just have to do her shower theme in Cowboys. I don't want to do a John Deere themed shower, but cowboys seem close enough to me. Plus that invitation is just too darn cute. Plus there are coordinating party supplies that go with the invitation!

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