Hubby's Health

Lately I’ve been more worried about Hubby’s health than usual.  I think the addition of the little one has me pushing him extra hard to take control of his health while he’s still young enough to combat some of the issues.  He’s overweight, and even though he doesn’t see it as an issue, I do.  I know if he doesn’t do something about it now he’s probably going to end up as a diabetic, with cholesterol issues, or god forbid having a heart attack or something. 

We really don’t have a problem with the type of food he eats.  He doesn’t eat a lot of junk food, fried stuff, or other stuff that’s bad for you, but he eats large amounts of food.  If he takes 4 sandwiches to work for lunch it’s still not enough for him.  He’ll end up buying snacks in the morning to have the extra food.  He says he works it off, and while I agree he does burn a lot of calories at work he’s not burning off enough to equal the amount of food he eats everyday.

He's already informed me cholesterol problems run in his family, so I find myself looking up cholesterol treatments just so I can prepare him for what he might have to deal with in the future. I know cholesterol problems aren't always caused by your diet/weight/etc, but I know his weight and food intake probably don't help much. I hate to say it, but maybe if I keep feeding him info on what he might have to face one day it'll help open his eyes and help him to see that he needs to make changes now.

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