Showing Off The Baby Girl

I've been sitting here transferring photos of the baby from my phone to my netbook while she's asleep on her boppy beside me, and I decided it was about time to show her off again. I know I haven't really linked to any photos since the first few when we were in the hospital, and I decided to try out Picasa 3's "Blog This" feature. I can do the same through Flickr, but since I haven't gotten the photo uploaded to Flickr yet I figured this was the best way to do things. As lazy as I can be sometimes I'll take the way that's one step less!

As I look at this photo I can see just how much she's changed in 2 short months, and it scares me. Time is flying so fast before you know it I'll be ordering her photo graduation invitations. She's getting way too big too fast, but I know I can't keep her itty bitty forever. In fact she's already doubled her weight. She weighed in at 8lbs and 12oz on Monday when we took her in for her first set of shots. Yeah, Mama didn't do so well, but Baby Girl is one tough cookie! Anywho, it's time to move her to her bed so Mama can try to get some sleep, too.
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