The End Of The Holidays

After this Christmas all I can say is “wow”.  I can’t believe how many toys and things Elliana received for Christmas this year.  Our families went absolutely nuts buying stuff for her since she’s the first grandbaby (on both sides!), and half the stuff she won’t be able to use until next Christmas!  Seriously, why waste money on all this stuff for a baby that’s 2 months old?  My Grandma even admitted she wanted to buy her a Power Wheels, but my grandpa wouldn't let her lol!

I took photos of her on Christmas with all her presents, but I should have waited a few days.  We had more festivities Saturday and Sunday, and now she’s got stuff out the ears.  I know I have to say thank you and be thankful that our family members are absolutely crazy about her, but I’m still kind of worried.  I don’t know where I’m going to put all this stuff.  Plus I’m kind of scared to think of what she’ll get next year if she’s gotten more than she’ll ever need this year…not to mention how spoiled she’s going to be.  I guess spoiling her is their job, right?

Hubby surprised me Sunday with a few late Christmas presents for me.  He wanted to wait until all the holiday stuff died down to give me my presents so I could enjoy them instead of running around like a chicken with my head cut off.  Hubby knows I prefer practical gifts, so he appealed to the office supply queen in me. He gave me a new paper shredder to replace my old one that died last month. He also bought the ink cartridges I needed so I have plenty of ink to print pictures of the baby, and he made me a gift basket of various office stuff I can use for work. Then of course he gave me some non office stuff as well. I got a cute pair of pj pants and some of my favorite chocolates.

I gave him a few small things like the chocolate oranges he loves so much, a new case for his new phone, and some other small odds and ends, but we bought our Christmas presents for each other on Black Friday. That's when he got his home theater system and I got my netbook, which we're both enjoying together.

Now I'm just so glad all the Christmas stuff is over with for the year because it means there are even more sales out there to hit up.  We did go shopping both Saturday and Sunday, and I totally raided the gift basket isle at Walmart for 50% off gifts for family we won’t be seeing for another couple of weeks.  Sometimes waiting until after the official holiday stuff do your festivities can pay off!  A few of those gift baskets ended up being for me as well because you always spot a few gifts that you wish someone would give you!

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