Merry Christmas

Did you all have a Merry Christmas? We sure did around here! I swear all the grandparents went absolutely crazy this year buying for their new grandbaby. She's only 2 months old, but her toy box is already overflowing. She won't be able to use over half the stuff until next Christmas lol, but they bought it anyway! And oh the baby dolls...she's gotten 6 of them so far...all bigger than she is. I know she's getting 2 more from my Mom, but we're not doing Christmas with her until tomorrow night. I'm afraid to see what else she may get.

Hubby and I both got some pretty awesome presents as well, and we ended up with $125 in Walmart giftcards between the two of us. I also got a couple gift cards to other places that I'm going to love using. I do feel bad because I didn't have presents for half of my family. I mean I ordered them presents, but they haven't arrived yet. Actually quite a few things I ordered ended up delayed, and not all of them were from the same retailer. It's funny how all the bills and junk mail made it through, but the presents got delayed. I even got mail for my sis-in-law wanting her to buy Medicare supplement insurance that said "to be delivered on", and it showed up on time. She has never lived at this address, and she hasn't lived with us in 7 years, but that junk still makes it through on time!

Anywho I know my family and friends understand that their presents were delayed, and most of them keep telling me it just extends Christmas a little if they have to wait, but I still feel bad that I got all these awesome presents and had nothing to give out in return. Hopefully their presents will show up soon. Now I think I'm going to go enjoy the last 45 minutes we have of Christmas day, and I'm going to spend it snuggling with Hubby. He did a great job of putting the baby to sleep tonight, so maybe she'll give us a little couple time tonight.

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