The Heat Debate

Hubby and I are still arguing over whether we should install central heating or gas heat.  This is a discussion we’ve been having for quite awhile, and I thought it would have been solved before the baby got here, but it hasn’t.  I say we should install gas heat.  We’re stuck with propane as our only choice in this area, but I still think it would be cheaper than installing an electric furnace.  It would definitely be the cheaper option when it comes to installation. 

Hubby is dead set on central heat and air.  He wants to give me the option to choose whether or not we go with a furnace system or a heat pump, but he’s bound and determined to get something that’s electric.  I’m getting to the point I don’t want to argue with him about it anymore, but I know we can’t afford to install a central system like that right now.

I don’t think he takes into account the costs upfront for installation as well as extras you may need such as furnace filters. I think I need to plead my case one more time on why I would prefer to get propane heat installed, and then I'll see what happens. All I know is we're going to need something soon. As much as I love our wood heat I think we do need osmething else.

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Kimberly said...

Oh, girl. I had new heat/central air (electric) put in 2 years ago. Over $4500 and I had existing duct work! I did get a larger size unit so if we ever decide to heat the basement, it would not be a problem (3 ton unit, I think).My system has a high SEER rating too, to help save on power bills. Also, since the freon is changing over in 2010 and the older freon will eventually no longer be available, I went with one that uses the new stuff. IDK - I did some research on it all before I purchased it, but being couple yrs back- I can't remember details!
I would love to have a gas backup & a gas stove though.