Just One Of Those Weeks

This has totally been one of those days.  I attempted to go shopping for Christmas presents, but it’s just too much of a madhouse out there for me to deal with in my current state of mind.  This is one of those days I’d like to pick a place on the map, oh let’s say like the Dominican Republic, and say ok let’s search for puerto plata hotels and get the heck out of here for a few days or weeks or even months!

I’ve been ill all day mostly because it seems like everything I buy lately is either broken in the box, quits working right after I get it home, or doesn’t match the label on the box.

Hubby’s entertainment system I bought him for Christmas died a week after we bought it.  It’s an RCA RT2870.  It worked fine for days then one day I tried to turn it on and nothing happened.  The red light on the power button is on, but when you hit the button or try to turn it on from the remote the blue light around the volume control flashes then nothing happens. Then I started smelling that hot wire smell you get when wires are melting.

I would take it back to the store, but Hubby threw away the box even though I’ve told him a gazillion times never throw away a box for anything electronic or anything that costs that much until I know I’m not going to need to return it.  I told him to put the receipt on my desk, but I can’t find that either, so if he threw it away we’re screwed.  We can’t RMA it without the receipt!  I swear he never listens.

Sigh.  I think the issues are just with Hubby’s presents because his other Christmas present didn’t work either.  I bought him the installation kit to hook up his stereo in the Blazer, and it ended up being the wrong kit.  I didn’t buy the wrong one.  The wrong kit was actually placed in the wrong packaging.  Luckily I had the receipt for that one and returned it, but not until after Hubby spent an hour taking the dash apart in the Blazer to install the thing.  That put him in a bad mood which means it put me in a bad mood, too.  When he’s ill he’s going to make me ill!

I seriously need to just take a nap, but with the baby wide awake right now that’s not going to happen.  She’s fussy as well, so she must be reading off our moods.  Maybe I just need to walk outside and scream real good.

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