That Time Of The Year

I hate this time of year.  I love Christmas, but I hate the Christmas shopping season.  I have such a hard time buying for my family and friends because I don’t know what anyone wants.  This year add the fact that I have absolutely no time to do my shopping.  Heck I’ve been trying all day to get this post written, and I’ve had to save my draft at least a dozen times.  Every time I think I have a minute or two to blog the baby tells me otherwise by waking up screaming.
Anywho, so what do you get for those that are considered hard to buy for?  I thought about getting gift cards to favorite restaurants, but I don’t know where half of them would prefer to eat.  I could always fall back on the generic gift cards to Walmart or even those prepaid debit cards, but that seems lame to me.
I know my Mom is wanting to replace all her cheap blinds with the nicer faux wood ones, so I may talk to my Grandma about splitting the cost to buy those for her.  The only problem with that is she lives in a manufactured home from the 70s, and the ones made back then don't exactly have your standard size windows. She has a hard time finding blinds that fit, so we'd most likely have to have them custom ordered and/or custom cut at the store. That could get expensive. Sigh. I guess I'll figure something out, but I do need to do it quickly. If I don't get my shopping done this weekend I'll never get it done. The only present I've bought was for Hubby, and that one is going to have to be returned to the store because it doesn't work! Yeah it's going to be a busy weekend.

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