Ugly Duckling Designs Hot Maple Toddy Pumpkin Tart Review

As long as I’ve been purchasing handmade tarts online I’ve been in love with everything I’ve received from Ugly Duckling Designs.  I look forward to opening the package and finding a cute primitive looking tart followed by a wonderful smell no matter what the item may be.  When I purchase sampler boxes I always know there’s going to be some sort of tart from Ugly Duckling Designs tucked inside, and I’ve never been disappointed with a single item I’ve received from this e-tailer.

This time is definitely no exception.  I opened the sampler I purchased to find a Hot Maple Toddy Wax Tart shaped like a pumpkin.  It was packaged in a cute Halloween themed bag and ready to be gifted or opened and displayed for the season. 


The scent is so nice the maple smell was pouring out of the bag long before I had a chance to open it, and it’s had me craving maple syrup for days.  Smelling a sugary scent is definitely tempting me to give up on my search for a quick weight loss after the baby arrives!

 Hot Maple Toddy Tart

This one is just too cute to use in my tart burner right now, but it is the perfect edition to my Halloween and Fall decor.

Hot Maple Toddy Pumpkin Tart

It’ll be using it as a decoration for a few weeks, and the cold throw of the scent already has my living room smelling absolutely delicious.  Hubby has threatened to take a bite out of it a few times, and I’m sure he would if he thought the wax wouldn’t make him sick!  I’ve even spotted the dog sniffing at this one.

Ugly Duckling Designs sells these pumpkin tarts for $6.95.  You choose from over 60 scents, and you’ll receive a half dozen of them per order.  I think that’s a steal considering the scent throw and how huge these tarts are.  As you can see one tart takes up the palm of my hand, and I’ll be slicing this one into 3-4 smaller tarts for my burners.

Ugly Duckling Designs Pumpkin Tart

This Hot Maple Toddy scent is definitely a new favorite of mine, and I give this tart from Ugly Duckling Designs 5 stars.  I can’t find anything wrong with it.

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