Preparing For The Holidays

With the Christmas holiday just around the corner I’ve had a lot on my mind.  I know we still have to get through Halloween and Thanksgiving, but with the stores putting out their Christmas stock at the beginning of September it’s got Christmas thoughts running through my head.  Seriously I don’t even see why the stores bother taking the Christmas stuff off the shelves since they just put it out earlier every year!  They might as well start leaving it up year round!
Anywho, I keep thinking how much different Christmas is going to be this year.  I finally have a real excuse to send out photo holiday cards that don't picture the cat and dog! We get to show off our beautiful little I haven't seen her yet, but she's mine so she's going to be beautiful no matter what!  That means I need to have plenty of pretty little outfits so we can take tons of cute little photos for our cards, and of course we need a “family shot”, so I have to buy myself something nice to wear, and I have to force Hubby into a decent shirt that *gasp* actually has buttons.
Ahhhh…so much to think about! 
Then we’ve got to worry about presents.  I know I’m going to go way overboard just because I can.  I’ll finally have a little girl to buy for, and I can’t wait even if she’ll only be a month old for her first Christmas.
Good lord this child is going to be spoiled rotten before she even makes it to see her grandparents.  Somebody better slap some sense back into me now.

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