Learned Something New

Wow I really do learn something new everyday.  I've talked a lot about how I'm always searching for cheap insurance.  I'm overly anal about making sure we're getting the best possible value out there especially since Hubby doesn't exactly have the best driving record.  Let's just say he's definitely caused our rates to skyrocket over the last few years, so every penny I can save is well worth it.  I'm constantly requesting rate quotes from various companies hoping I can have us a dime or two, but I definitely learned something new today.

Apparently it does matter who's name is listed first on our policy!  Normally I'd automatically request the quote with Hubby listed first and me listed as the spouse, but today I learned that 3 different companies are willing to give us a drastic price reduction just for listing me as the policy holder and Hubby as the spouse.  We're both considered primary drivers, so it doesn't really make a difference except for the price!  I'm not talking small reductions either.  Our current company is willing to drop our premium by $600! 

Let that be a lesson to look at things from every angle.  Something as simple as whose name is placed in the computer first can even make a difference.

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