Deborah's Candle Magick Candles And Tarts

This afternoon the dreary rain that's been falling for a few days and the nice drop in temps has me thinking about fall. The official start to fall is actually less than a week away, so I decided to try a candle that I think is only fitting.

This little votive from Deborah's Candle Magick is scented "Amber". Amber is one of those scents that I can love or hate depending on the season. Amber is known as a soothing and relaxing scent, but I also find it's one of those scents that not everyone can love. This little heart shaped votive is definitely a strong one, but it's one I like! I would definitely say it has been heavily scented. The cold throw is enough to "smell up" my entire office and bedroom without even needing to light it. Be warned if you're not a big fan of Amber you most likely won't like how strong this one is, and I have a feeling my Hubby will come home wondering "what stinks". He's not a very big fan of a lot of the fall scents I tend to choose.

Anywho, this one is probably going to sit on my dresser for a few days before I light it because I'm loving the cold throw. I will eventually light it, but with such a heavily scented soy votive I know the scent will last for awhile, and the candle will burn cleaner and longer. I'm so picky about stronger scents like Amber, so I'm not sure I would purchase this votive in this exact scent again, but it does make me want to try other scents Deborah's Candle Magick has to offer.

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