My Camera Is Possessed

I swear my camera is totally insane!  Yes I'm talking about the Kodak v803 I bought in late 2007 that's been giving me problems pretty much since the day I've bought it.  Don't get me wrong it gets the job done for a point and shoot, and for a Kodak I was quite impressed.  I actually gave the camera 4 1/2 stars when I wrote a review.

My main issue has always been with the battery and the fact that the battery life absolutely sucks on that camera.  After I purchased it I vowed to never buy another camera that uses a rechargeable battery.  I want to be able to use my own AA or AAA rechargeables so I can carry extras with me or pick up a pack of extra batteries at the nearest store when I need them.

The problem with the Kodak v803 is that the battery life totally sucks.  At first I thought I was having problems with it only holding a charge for 2 hours because I bought a refurb camera, but that's not the case.  After googling the issue I found it was a problem with the battery Kodak uses.  I even ordered myself a few backup batteries that all suck.  None of them have held a charge for over 2 hours...until now.

I don't know what happened but I haven't had to charge the camera in about a month!  Hubby charged it fully before using the video function on the motorcycle one day, and it's held a charge ever since.  It's like the battery has been attached to a never-ending power source!  Trust me when I say I'm definitely not complaining, but it does freak me out!  What the heck has happened to my camera?

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