Running Away

Do you ever feel like you just want to run away?  This week has been one of those weeks for me, and I really wish I could just pack my bags, look up some Outer Banks rentals, and totally run away for a few days...away from family, friends, and everything that's driving me nuts.

We've had a lot of stuff come crashing down around us lately, and I think I've let everything pile up until I'm ready to explode. I thought I could deal with it all on my own, but I can't.

On top of that I wish someone would take my husband far far away for a day or two. I love him more than anything, but being jobless means he's under my heels 24/7, and we all know we need our space from time to time. I guess in a way this is preparing me for the baby since that's another little pair of feet I'll have running after me all day.

Yep, I just need a few days away from it all. Then I can find the time and the words to discuss the real issues at hand, and hopefully let life get back to some form of normalcy again.

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