Playing Catch Up

As usual things have been really hectic around here the last couple of weeks.  For starters I'm still adjusting to Hubby being home a lot the time now that he's laid off.  I much as I love him we all know not having any free time to yourself can drive you crazy, and it is definitely driving me crazy right now.

When Hubby is home I get sidetracked a lot, and I don't get my work done.  That's really not good at all when you work from home!  This week he'll be out job hunting a lot more now that the holiday is over (a lot of businesses around here close for the week before the 4th), so that should take him away from the house a little more often.  My dad also has a few odd jobs for him to do around the pasture, and as usual they've got plenty of hay to do this week. 

I'm hoping that will give me time to catch up on all the work I've put off this past week because I'm super backlogged.  Actually I should be working instead of typing this post, but I've been slack on my blogs as well. I thought I needed to get a post or two out there so you know I'm still alive!

Now I'm going to run off to get some work done.  Maybe if I get caught up enough I can pop back in to give you a run down of the other stuff I have planned for this week, that is if I get caught up!

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